One SMART Goal for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is Fitness

Once again Toronto Mayor Rob Ford placed the spotlight on his personal quest for fitness and a healthy weight loss. My recent online article in DeHaan Fitness, “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Avoids SMART Goal for Fitness“, explains how Mayor Ford’s approaches to losing weight compare with following SMART goal methods.

"Toronto Mayor Rob Ford campaigns with puppet in 2010" image by Shaun Merritt
“Toronto Mayor Rob Ford campaigns with puppet in 2010” image by Shaun Merritt

Will Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Lose More Weight This Time?

My online article starts by explaining the SMART acronym; then it moves on to compare the 2012 “Cut the Waist” campaign with Mayor Ford’s current fitness announcement.

I’d covered “Cut the Waist” back in 2012, which was a friendly contest between the mayor and his brother, Toronto City Councillor Doug Ford. Let’s hope Mayor Ford has more success over then next half year than he did in 2012.

Certainly his approach is different. In my view, the biggest improvement is that he has “a team” to advise and support him. (Whether he’s chosen the best team is a matter of some speculation). The next six months should reveal whether he loses more weight with his current strategy. And it would be interesting if he reveals whose long-term advice and coaching he follows…if anyone’s.

Whatever his politics, whatever substances he uses or stops using, and whatever successes he finds in any future political campaigns, let’s hope he can succeed in his personal quest for better health through fitness.

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