TEST Purpose and Goals


Purpose and Goals of the SCOC F

The purpose of the SCOC F is to support SCOC by raising and disbursing funds to improve the lives of the residents.

So far, we have supported two types of projects:

  1. For physical facilities: to install, repair, or replace tangible things that may not be covered by the regular operating or capital budgets. Examples have ranged from new window shades in the Tea Room, to an improvement to the air conditioning system.
  2. For services. For example, we pass along donations from the two sponsoring congregations to support the chaplaincy program here at SCOC.

Purpose and Goals of SCOC

As you may have read elsewhere, the purpose of SCOC is to provide an inter-generational housing facility with a continuum of care. This serves younger families with children, seniors who live in independent apartments but with a range of support services, through to long-term care for twenty-five residents.

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