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Decoded Science

I’m building the “Mathematics” topic niche at Decoded Science with a variety of easy-to-follow articles. These often give a bit of insight into the mathematicians responsible for the ideas being explored.

The DeHaan Blog of Writing

…Launched on Dec. 28, 2010 on Weebly. That should be the main page for my blog on my business writing. The heading points to my home page on Weebly.

My usual posts at the Blog of Writing promote my articles published at other sites, but usually add one or more “Writing Tips” of use to other Web authors. My fans, if any, may find these insights into my thinking to be interesting on their own merit.

DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control

…Launched on May 6, 2011 on Blogspot, aka “Google’s Blogger”. This site’s focus is on the combined topics of fitness and exercise, weight control and creating a trimmer body.

Other Sites by and for Mike DeHaan

Mike has yet to create a business account on Twitter for breaking news. His¬†personal Twitter account did not suit his business needs. (Also, someone had already used “mikedehaan”).

Mike usually notifies the following online communities about his articles in the following places, although some might be defunct:

Those who want to see even more about me are invited to the following sites:

  • The aptly-named About.Me site is a single page of contact information, which I just noticed seems to be owned by AOL.
  • The DeHaan Directory devotes multiple pages to myself and an intermittent blog with only the most significant updates.

Disclaimer about the Following External Links

These links go to sites owned and operated by other people. They looked reasonable at the time I reviewed and linked to them, but I do not necessarily endorse them. In some cases, their advice would be better suited to some people than to others. (Yes, in general we agreed to link to each other).

Especially if you are looking for health, fitness and weight control – whether it’s my advice or someone else’s – check with your doctor or general health care provider before trying something new.

External Links for Fitness and Weight Control

  • Build Muscles : Build 10, 20, even 30 plus pounds of muscles by using these time-tested muscle building principles to get ripped, lean, and fit in the shortest period of time!

External Links for Information Technology

None yet.

External Links for Advice on Online Writing or Blogging

None yet.

Images taken or Created by Mike

Usually I put my new images into my Blog of Writing prior to publishing them in articles at other sites, to establish my own prior ownership.

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