DeHaan Services provides a variety of services. Some in-person services are available in Toronto; others are offered world-wide.

Contact Information

E-mail me at mike.dehaan @ dehaanservices.ca ; yes, you need to remove the blanks before and after the ‘@’.

Phone me at (416) 465-8973.

Services in Toronto

DeHaan Services is a multi-disciplinary sole proprietorship which offers services in the following areas:

  • Writing articles, web site content, business letters for clients anywhere in the world.
  • Blog(s): This is the Blog Main Page, which also displays any of the following categories found far down the right-hand column.

Writing Services Available World-Wide

Read Mike’s articles in several online publications, including:

In Decoded Science, Mike is building up the “Mathematics” topic niche. The Environmental Graffiti articles mainly focus on “gee whiz” information from the natural world. The Suite 101 articles might may cover the same topics, but usually from the point of view of “what can I do about my problem”. Click either of the above links to see my articles listed in reverse chronological order.

DeHaan Services is located in Toronto (Ontario, Canada).
Contact Mike DeHaan by:

  • e-mail: mike.dehaan @ dehaanservices.ca (Yes, I’m trying to avoid spambots by breaking up the address…please cut-&-paste into your favourite e-mail application and then delete the spaces).
  • phone: (416) 465-8973 [land-line] or (416) 797-1004 [cell]

SkimLinks and SkimWords Monetization at DeHaan Services

Late on Nov. 29, 2012, Mike installed the SkimLinks service to replace the monetization supplied by Kontera.

This means that DeHaan Services may earn revenue when visitors click through advertising links and purchase goods or services from SkimLinks‘ affiliate merchants. For example, Macy’s, famous for clothing and some household goods, now ships goods purchased online to Canada.

Mike’s Business Biography

Mike’s updated “biography” follows:

Mike DeHaan began writing professionally in 2010 as the sole proprietor of DeHaan Services. This finally uses his high school credit in creative writing and several English Literature courses at university.

In his previous career in information technology, he programmed in COBOL and performed quality assurance testing for a number of corporate clients.
Mike now blogs and writes freelance online articles under his own name. DeHaan Services provides ghost-written articles, web pages, business letters and a variety of other services.

Mike has trained himself to run marathons (each covers 26 miles and 385 yards, or 42.2Km), but now is usually content to help with a 10Km clinic at a local Running Room. Running and some attention to diet led to maintaining a weight loss of 20-30 pounds.
He volunteers some of his time at the Mennonite church he attends.

DeHaan Services also works in information technology and web design, as well as in fitness and weight control.

Mike’s heavily-researched online articles are available through Decoded Science, Environmental Graffiti (and more stories ) and Suite 101 . His typical topics are “gee-whiz” natural wonders or facts related to Mennonites.

The “DeHaan Directory” is Mike’s newest site, the central directory for his business services and blogs of advice about freelance consulting. It is hosted by WordPress.
His other sites include the “DeHaan Lens” series on Squidoo, the “DeHaan Blog of Writing” hosted by Weebly, and “DeHaan Fitness and Weight Control” on Blogspot (aka Blogger). At the end of Dec. 2011, he began a new set of articles on the Wizzley platform. (Aspiring authors are welcome to use his Wizzley referral link).

Both this DeHaan Services site, and the Blog of Writing, have been monetized with Kontera in-text advertising. They place relevant advertising into the text. The links have a double underline, and the publisher can adjust the colour to distinguish them from the author’s links to reference or other related articles. Where possible, Mike is also monetizing his sites with Google AdSense.

Find a convenient one-page summary of this page on “Mike DeHaan in About.me“.

Mike is on Facebook , and also uses Digg, Reddit and Stumble-Upon to help keep himself informed.

[This page was last updated 2014-02-11.]

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