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The main blog page highlights the purpose and meaning of the various blogs.

Beginning the Blogging

This is the introduction to the introduction…

My main blog is the Toronto Events blog. Think of it as a timely guide for a tourist (or a resident who wants a quick look at what will happen soon). As of January 22 (2010), I’m a bit behind in my personal schedule, but I am in time to write my first Toronto event: WinterCity versus Winterlicious.

DeHaan Services home “blog”

I have not yet perfected the site layout…but the contents are improving. Please click the ‘About‘ button on the top row if you want background information.

DeHaan Services offers services in the following areas:

  • Content writing and advertising copywriting.
  • Blog(s): As of this date (2010-01-28), this itself is the main Blog page.
    • Toronto’s Current Events: As of this date (2010-01-28), the Toronto blogs are listed on this page also.

DeHaan Services is located in Toronto (Ontario, Canada).

Contact Mike DeHaan by:

  • e-mail: mike.dehaan @ (Yes, I’m trying to avoid spambots by breaking up the address…please cut-&-paste into your favourite e-mail application and then delete the spaces).
  • phone: (416) 465-8973 [land-line]  or  (416) 797-1004 [cell]

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