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SCOC Foundation Grant Summary 2010 – 2015

Mission: to support initiatives that foster life affirming living arrangements, programs and activities enabling older persons to meaningfully participate in inclusive intergenerational communities.

Goal is to have a minimum of $2 million in the endowment fund. It is the earnings on this fund that provides a stable source of revenue for grant contributions to SCOC.

Foundation Growth

  • 2008 – The Foundation started with – $ x,000 in the bank.
  • 2009 – SCOC capitalized the Foundation with $x,000 to begin its Endowment fund. .
  • 2015 – The year-end balance grew to more than $x,000 in assets with your generous donations and, in particular, from bequests of residents who provided for our SCOC community in their wills and estates.

Foundation Grants since 2010

Foundation grants to enhance the SCOC community are made possible by the support of the SCOC inc., residents and friends, the sponsoring congregations (DMC and TUMC), and earnings from its endowment fund. Grants to SCOC include:

  1. Software for xyz1 2010 $ x,00(?)
  2. Chaplaincy service 2010 $x,000
  3. Tea room window shades 2011 $x,000
  4. SCOC Strategic planning $x,000
  5. Chaplaincy service 2011 $x,000
  6. Wood flooring – meeting area 2012 $x,000
  7. Chaplaincy 2012 $x,000
  8. Air conditioning improvement 2013 $x,000
  9. 60” TV in LTC ($y000 cost-shared with families) $x,000
  10. Chaplaincy service 2013 $x,000
  11. Residence hallway floor coverings 2014 $x,000
  12. Chaplaincy service 2014 $x,000
  13. SCOC Strategic planning 2015 $x,000
  14. New LTC bathing room/tub 2015??? $x,000
  15. Chaplaincy 2015 $x,000

Prepared July 2016

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