Three Articles about Curcumin and Turmeric

I had read a research paper stating that a compound derived from curcumin shows promise in boosting the effectiveness of cisplatin in chemotherapy for specific types of cancer. As described in “Curry Versus Cancer via the Curcumin in Turmeric“,  I investigated the subject and developed material for three separate articles.

Curcumin is an active ingredient in turmeric, the primary spice for curry. As it happens, curcumin does not contribute to the aroma or flavour, but may have several health benefits.

The Broad Survey in Decoded Science

My “Brief Survey of the Health Benefits of Curcumin” provides an overview of the claimed benefits of curcumin. The article reviews what is being claimed, especially within traditional herb lore, and how much has been demonstrated to the satisfaction of modern science.

"Powdered Turmeric Spice" by Cherrie Rhodes
“Powdered Turmeric Spice” by Cherrie Rhodes

Limited Results from One Study in a now-defunct web site

My “Limited Conclusions for Curcumin from a May 2011 Cancer Study” has its focus on the research study that triggered my original interest. I point out that the study report was careful not to make huge claims, although the headline was certainly bold enough to pique my interest.

"Turmeric Rhizomes" by shaggyshoo
“Turmeric Rhizomes” by shaggyshoo

The Turmeric Plant Revealed in another defunct web site

My “Turmeric: India’s Mystic Curry Spice” has just been published in another now-defunct web site. This article describes the plant, where it grows, and also gives a broad outline of its uses.

"Anointing with Turmeric" by >S@TS<
“Anointing with Turmeric” by >S@TS<

Since their editors put the word “mystic” into the title, I think the above image is the best to publicize it.

"Turmeric Flower" by jongela19
“Turmeric Flower” by jongela19

My goal as a writer was to leverage my research to create several unique articles, each serving its own online site.