Economy Exercise or Free Rides on New Years Eve 2012 in Toronto

Looking for outdoor New Year’s Eve activities in Toronto?

The New Year’s Eve run in Liberty Village may not count as economy exercise, but free skating at a city rink certainly does. The annual Resolution Run is on New Year’s Day outside of Toronto. Avoid exercise, or maybe skate at Nathan Philips Square and enjoy CityTV’s entertainment. And regardless of whether you stay in Toronto or use GO Transit or a regional service, you likely can score a free ride home on New Year’s Eve.

So, here are suggestions for fitness and a cheap New Year’s Eve in Toronto.

Run for Fun on New Year’s Eve in Toronto

The “Toronto Midnite New Year’s Eve Run” is a 5Km race through Liberty Village. They are careful to warn that it’s not likely to be your personal best; instead you need to take care in case the pavement is icy or snow-covered.

If you had registered before the end of September, you would have spent a mere $75. If they still have room, it will cost $95. When you consider that the simple “party ticket” accounts for almost half of that amount…and what they include in terms of food and swag…it’s a cost-conscious way to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Toronto.

Plus you get exercise, fresh air and a self-guided tour of Liberty Village. If I understand their map aright, the start/finish is near the Bar Vespa, near where E. Liberty St. curves south (east of Hanna Ave.). This may be the best place to spend New Year’s Eve outdoors while getting exercise and, later, some festive food.

Scroll down their home page to find the race kit pick-up information. The doors to the Liberty Village Running Room open at 10pm, and the race starts sharply at midnight. Perhaps you’re supposed to smooch the person next to you at the starting gate.

Bonus Link to Run Anywhere in Ontario on New Year’s Day

At least, you can run anywhere that Running Room holds an annual Resolution Run. I’ve already selected “Ontario” in “January 2013”; just pull down the menu to find your city. I’m not guaranteeing that an event is actually in your city…or that registration positions are still available. On the other hand, no-one’s paying me for these notes.

By the way, the Toronto Resolution Run is in late December and, I believe, is already sold out. So bookmark the Running Room race calendar and check it periodically for events at your favoured distance.

Come to think of it, just go for a fun run in the snow with a friend next Monday or Tuesday. That’s your cheapest way to get some healthy exercise; plus you can watch out that your buddy doesn’t get frostbite.

Skate in Toronto

I’ve already promoted the idea of “Skating at Harbourfront for 2012 Kwanzaa in Toronto“. That article links to several references for city of Toronto skating rinks. Check those links for official times that these skating rinks will be open.

CityTV New Year’s Eve Party at Nathan Philips Square

Let’s just slip this in quietly: the cheapest and most popular place to spend New Year’s Eve outdoors in Toronto will be at Nathan Philips Square. CityTV hosts the event, and they are more than capable of promoting it in “More artists to perform at City New Year’s Bash 2013“.

You might squeeze in some skating at Nathan Philips Square and enjoy the music at the same time; check the appropriate web sites and remember to put guards on your skates, since the NP Square will be quite crowded.

Free Rides in Toronto on New Year’s Eve 2012

Free transportation on the TTC has become a traditional winter event in Toronto. Let’s thank 680 News for the report that I noticed. They cover the Toronto schedule fairly well, but I’d suggest you check the TTC holiday schedule for Dec. 2012 to be sure your route will be covered when you need it.

TTC rides are free from 10pm Dec. 31, 2012 to 4am Jan. 1, 2013. Maybe you’ll get to work really early on New Year’s Day…just be careful that you really are scheduled for that shift.

Free Rides in Brampton, York Region and by GO Transit for New Year’s Eve 2012

That 680News report mentioned free transit in the GTA, but was sketchy on details.

Be my guest to check Brampton Transit’s free New Year’s Eve information; it is a PDF.

GO Transit has an especially annoying site, since they “spin” a bunch of headlines and I had to wait for the link for GO Transit holiday schedules. You probably still have to click on Dec. 31st to see the New Year’s Eve schedule for GO Transit. Phone them if their information isn’t clear.

York Regional Transit and Viva have posted their YRT New Year’s Eve schedule too.

Looking for More Annual Toronto Events?

Check the “annual events” or “Toronto events” categories toward the end of the left-hand menu for other fascinating, free or frugal annual events in Toronto.

Spending time outdoors in Toronto calls for warm clothing for men & women; may we suggest checking Roots Canada.

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Thanks for reading my suggestions for fitness and a frugal New Year’s Eve in Toronto.