Earth Hour 2014 in Toronto

When is Earth Hour 2014 in Toronto? What can you do during Earth Hour in Toronto? Are you ready for it?

"Dynamo Solar Crank Flashlight" image by Razor512 @
“Dynamo Solar Crank Flashlight” image by Razor512 @

When is the 2014 Earth Hour?

Toronto joins the world in celebrating Earth Hour 2014 on Saturday March 29. The most official time is 8:30-9:30pm, local time. That’s a bit after sunset, so you can enjoy the darkness in several ways.

Earth Hour is an annual spring event in Toronto and around the world.

What to Do during Earth Hour?

The usual advice to celebrate Earth Hour is to turn off the lights in your house, and take a stroll outdoors. In case the current weather forecast holds true, you can certainly walk through a bit of rain as the temperature eases down toward freezing. Just bundle up a bit and carry an umbrella.

It’s a great idea to spend that time with neighbours, relatives and friends. Spend time at someone’s home by candlelight, if you want to stay indoors.

Two Official 2014 Earth Hour Event in Toronto

Each Earth Hour event in Toronto offers a chance to learn and enjoy, but in very different ways.

Family-Oriented Arts and Crafts plus a Concert for Earth Hour 2014

Riverside TO offers an afternoon and evening of activities for Earth Hour 2014 in Toronto. From 2-5pm, you and your children can learn to make lanterns. From 4pm, either learn some arts & crafts, or walk the neighbourhood for an arts tour. In the evening, a 7:45pm concert at the corner of Queen and Saulter leads to the countdown to darkness at 8:30pm. Then enjoy the second half of the concert.

These Riverside TO events occur on Queen St. East in Toronto, between Broadview and Logan. Take the Queen 501 streetcar, or check the TTC for the best connections from the Danforth subway line.

The details, including the exact venues and the request to register for the afternoon activities, is on the Riverside TO Earth Day 2014 web page.

A Monk’s Vision for Sustainable Living

The “Switching off and Turning on: Transforming the outer and inner environment” event stays indoors, at 117 Dundas St. East (at Church St.) from 6:30-9pm. Admission is $10, but when else will you hear a monk, who graduated from Yale, discuss sustainable living and eco-farming. Plus there’s a vegan dinner.

Cranky about Candles? Try a Dynamo or Crank Flashlight

Personally, I’m annoyed by the idea of lighting candles during Earth Hour. Yes, we save a bit of electricity. In Ontario, we generate a lot of that electric power at Niagara Falls and at nuclear power stations. If we’re trying to cut down on carbon dioxide emissions, we have to hope that the natural gas power plants shut down for the hour. Otherwise, we’re generating CO2 right at each candle wick.

Perhaps you experienced the Christmas 2013 ice storm and power outage. Our home was cut off for a day, and then we “borrowed a cup of electricity” through a neighbour’s extension cord. While that kept the furnace running, we didn’t have lights at the flick of a switch.

My trusty go-to flashlight is a small hand-cranked dynamo flashlight. Crank it a few times; it retains the charge for days and works for over ten minutes without needing another crank. It’s a lot more eco-friendly than throwing away single-charge batteries or even rechargeable batteries; and does not emit CO2 to create light.

Canadians can choose from very popular crank flashlights and (batteryless lanterns for camping) through this web page. The similar American page for crank flashlights has some different choices.

Remember: you don’t need to celebrate Earth Hour to need a flashlight! Any emergency will do. And if the emergency lasts long enough, then a battery won’t. (Am I a “crank” for saying this?)

Personally, I’ve had bad luck with no-battery “shake” flashlights, which stop working after a few sessions. Do I shake them too hard? Or are they just too fragile? I’d appreciate readers’ comments, although you have to pass the Captcha.

Links for Earth Hour and Earth Day

Last year I wrote “How to Celebrate Earth Hour 2013 in Toronto or Anywhere“, which explained more about Earth Hour.

I’d also been confused by “Earth Day” versus “Earth Hour”. Although the official 2014 Earth Day in Canada will be observed on April 22, the Earth Day Canada web site‘s link to its events shows a hodgepodge of dates as it covers a variety of cities. The entire site is well worth a visit; but it’s tricky to find something in your own city.

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