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Mike DeHaan’s article in Decoded Science

Taking a Tesseract into Decoded Science

Today I made good on a recent promise to start writing for the new web site, Decoded Science. Founder Victoria Nicks invited a number of her fellow Suite 101 writers to submit articles on science topics.

"Eight Cell Tesseract Image" by mmhydrazinen04
"Eight Cell Tesseract Image" by mmhydrazinen04

Introducing the Simple Tesseract

My first article there is “The Tesseract: Folding and Unfolding a Simple 4D Hypercube“. In my humble opinion, it presents a good introduction to the noble tesseract, using several fascinating images.

I chose this topic because one of the other articles, in the Biology section, stated that “mitochondria are not just for Charles Wallace anymore”. That was an homage to “A Wrinkle in Time” by Madeleine L’Engle; that book also used “tesseract” in the fictional sense of a wormhole in space, rather than a geometric construction.

Sadly, I did not find that article on the Decoded Science site today. Perhaps one should hurry to read my article before it becomes lost in space.