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A Seasonal Reminder to Search for Furniture

Do you plan to buy furniture in August? Have you started searching online for background on quality, styles, or the baseline prices so you can recognize a deal?

My article, “The Seasonal Search for Furniture” (in the DeHaan Blog of Writing) is a recap of my different stories and lenses about furniture. Start your research by checking out these styles and types of furniture.

"Child-size Amish furniture" by cogdobglog
“Child-size Amish furniture” by cogdobglog

My interest began while writing a series on Mennonite history and beliefs for one now-defunct web site. There was an interesting tie-in with products, especially furniture, made by the Mennonites, Amish and Shakers.

That led to several articles in yet another defunct site which featured either these ethnic manufacturers, particular furniture styles, or even types of furniture. My “Coat Rack Stands” remains my most popular lens.

Google’s “Insight for Search” shows that the seasonal popularity in searching for “furniture” peaks in January and July. While my articles and lenses are about half a year old, they still have useful information…so here’s your seasonal reminder to start your shopping by searching and researching.

Spotlight on Five Outdoor Insect Pests

I wrote “Five Outdoor Insect Pests or Health Hazards” in my DeHaan Blog of Writing (hosted by Weebly) because people have been reading my previous articles about these troublesome insects. The new article provides a brief introduction to each, and then points at my previous articles.

"Brown Marmorated Stink Bug" by OpenCage
"Brown Marmorated Stink Bug" by OpenCage

Is that not a beautiful bug, reminding one of a slab of marble? I think that the “stink bug” received more hatred from people than any of the other insects I’ve featured. Of course, you’ll have to link over to that other article to see who else competed for that title.

Testing the Search Possibilities for the Firestick Cactus

In the summer of 2010, when I was fairly new to writing articles for online sites, I published two about the firestick cactus.

Firestick Cactus: The Plant with Acid Sap! told the story from the viewpoint of warning people of the dangers of this garden plant. Pastor Rick Warren, the author of “The Purpose-Driven Life”, received hospital treatment because he got some sap from the firestick cactus into his eyes while he was gardening.

The Firestick Cactus: Garden With Care was written with a slant towards gardening, and bringing in some science.

With the changes made by Google in its search algorithms serving the USA, I decided to test whether my Weebly Blog of Writing entry would have a chance of being noticed. The above articles dominate the top 6 results in Canada, partly because one article gets extra credit for its images. Apparently my other article was relegated to 11th place in the USA search results. Both online science magazines are now defunct.

My newest Blog of Writing entry is Firestick Cactus is a Danger with Many Names, an abbreviated version drawn mostly from the first article. With only two images and pretty significant keyword density, the question is where it will rank in the search engines once it has been noted at all.

Updated on March 4, 2011: Today the Blog of Writing article finally was listed by the Google search index. It was 11th in the Canadian result page and 12th in the USA, which has an updated algorithm. I am pleased that this short article in my Weebly blog ranks so highly.

Updated on March 17, 2011: Today, using the SEO SERP tool to check my USA Google results for firestick cactus:

  • My first article is still #1, with EG’s directory entry as #2
  • My other article is #10, with three images from the article following along
  • My Weebly article is #23

I just read, however, the SEO SERP page’s warning that when one searches for more than 10 items per SERP Page, Google tends to return all the results from one site in a group. So those images might not be cluttering up the results.