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Fitness: Interim Gold Standings at Vancouver 2010 Olympics

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Helpless in the grip of an overwhelming urge to comment, I must make this observation: Canada currently leads the 2010 Winter Olympics in gold medal count!

Let me note the date and time: Feb. 27, 2010, at 5:36pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time. We all know that these numbers will change.

The ranks the leaders in total medals, currently:

  • USA with 8 gold (35 total);
  • Germany with 10 gold (28 total);
  • Canada in third place with 12 ! gold (23 total);
  • Norway with 8 gold (21 total);
  • and 20 other countries.

Apparently this is an Olympic record for the number of gold medals won in a Winter Games by the host country.

So here are:

  • Quiet and dignified “Huzzahs” for the Canadian athletes.
  • Congratulations to all who qualified, competed and won for their countries.
  • “Let’s keep funding our athletes” to the politicians who hold those pursestrings.

[This post was last updated 2010-02-27.]