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Cinnamon Grows on Trees

Cinnamon is a terrific spice for apples; but cinnamon itself benefits our health, and it’s also the product of a tree.

An Article in a defunct site Introduces the Cinnamon Tree

Cinnamon is well-known and well-loved as a spice. Food fanatics might know that it grows on trees; more accurately, it is part of the Cinnamon tree.

"Cinnamon Tree at Lake Maggiore" by rosemarydukelow
“Cinnamon Tree at Lake Maggiore” by rosemarydukelow

Which part of the tree gives us cinnamon buns? Is there more than one type of cinnamon tree? Where are cinnamon trees cultivated?

I had provided the answers in “Cinnamon: Asia’s Popular Spice Tree“, but that one online science magazine is now defunct.

Cinnamon does Benefit Human Health

Then on Friday the 13th, my “Important Health Benefits of Cinnamon in the Human Diet” was published in yet another defunct online science magazine.

While cinnamon powder is a great spice, and cinnamon sticks mull wine or cider, what are the health benefits of cinnamon? Are there any risks to ingesting cinnamon?

"Cinnamon Sticks and Cinnamon Powder Spice" by FotoosVanRobin
“Cinnamon Sticks and Cinnamon Powder Spice” by FotoosVanRobin

Here is a hint not found in the above article: a cinnamon diet may help control your weight, along with some other health benefits. This is because cinnamon enhances the effectiveness of insulin while digesting sugar. That would not be helpful if you dump mountains of sugar into your coffee or cereal. However, this may allow your body to stop releasing insulin more quickly as you finish digesting a meal, and therefore reduce the amount of fat your body stores at that time.

Cinnamon for “Weight Control through Diet”

A third defunct web site published my “Weight Control through Diet“, which discusses cinnamon’s benefits for improving cholesterol and managing blood sugar levels for people with type 2 diabetes. It also links to Amazon if you want to order cinnamon in bulk because it is not available in your local grocery store.