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Complementary Reports on the Emerald Ash Borer and Ash Trees

The emerald ash borer may be a pretty insect, but it is a deadly threat to ash trees in North America.

(Updated Oct. 13, 2015): The main articles were published in now-defunct online science magazines, so I’ve removed the links.

(Updated Oct. 30, 2012): A year after writing these articles, I also wrote “Emerald Ash Borer Closes Parks for Tree Removal in Oakville Ontario” as  a public service announcement and to publicize the following articles again. The emerald ash borer has not yet been defeated in Ontario.

Nature and Economics Intersect as Insects Invade Trees

I wrote a pair of complementary reports about Emerald Ash Borers, an invasive species from Asia, and about American Ash Trees.

In my research, I was amazed at the economic impact made by this small insect…and how it can kill a large tree.

The Emerald Ash Borer is Revealed

In one article, “How the Emerald Ash Borer Threatens North American Ash Trees“, my focus is on the insect.

"Adult Emerald Ash Borer" by cham0138
“Adult Emerald Ash Borer” by cham0138

Ash Trees are in the Suite 101 Spotlight

By contrast, my other article, “Important North American Ash Trees Invaded by Emerald Ash Borers“, puts the emphasis on the importance of the ash tree.

"Sandy Spring Ash Tree in Maryland USA"
“Sandy Spring Ash Tree in Maryland USA” by Carly & Art

Further Publicity for Emerald Ash Borers and Ash Trees

As always, a bonus writing tip is included in my Blog of Writing article, “Twin Articles on Ash Trees and Emerald Ash Borers“.

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