Linking Gas Prices and Crude Oil Prices

How do crude oil prices relate to gasoline prices at the pumps?

The Link from Crude Oil Prices to the Cost of Gasoline

My latest article in a now-defunct online magazine is “Is Demand for Scarce Crude Oil the Only Cause of High Gas Prices?“.

"Green Gas Pumps" by Barbara L. Hanson
“Green Gas Pumps” by Barbara L. Hanson

I think we all would agree that the rising demand for crude oil will drive up the price of gasoline. Does anything else influence gas prices? How might drivers possibly reduce gas costs? Is OPEC completely in control of crude oil prices, and therefore of setting the price of gas?

As always, I also publicized this article in my Blog of Writing. Please see “Crude Oil Prices and Gas Prices are the Keywords” for the writing tips included in that write-up.

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