Post-Thanksgiving Toronto Premiere of This Will Lead to Dancing

Soon after we Toronto residents wrap up our annual Thanksgiving celebrations for 2015, Theatre of the Beat will perform its Toronto premiere of “This Will Lead to Dancing“.

Some members of Theatre of the Beat after a Rehearsal at Toronto United Mennonite Church.
Some members of Theatre of the Beat after a Rehearsal at Toronto United Mennonite Church. Image (c) by Mike DeHaan.

A Toronto Event that is Hungry for Justice

Would you go on a hunger strike in your church (or temple, synagogue, school, workplace, or city hall) to protest injustice? In “This Will Lead to Dancing“, Sam and Alex find themselves hungry for both food and a fair hearing for their cause. Can they cope with the attention they earn during their sit-in at their church? And what will Sam make of advice from the ghost of long-dead Menno Simons, the name behind “Mennonite”?

Does society still have problems with homosexuality? Does the LGBTQ community find that society has problems with them? In “This Will Lead to Dancing“, Theatre of the Beat explores these questions within a modern Mennonite denomination.

The dour Christian advice, “avoid dancing – it would lead to sex”, may have become the joke to “avoid sex – it will lead to dancing”.

When and Where is the “This Will Lead to Dancing” Event in Toronto?

Head to the Toronto United Mennonite Church (1774 Queen St. East; entrance on Lark St.) on Thurs. – Sat., Oct. 15 – 17, 2015 for the 7pm shows. Admission is PWYC (pay what you can), but they’d appreciate $15 or more if you can spare it.

You will find the venue on Queen East between Woodbine and Kingston Road. Parking is limited, so I’d take the 501 Queen streetcar, or the 92 Woodbine South bus from the #2 Bloor/Danforth subway line.

About Theatre of the Beat

The Theatre of the Beat company performs their own plays at venues ranging from churches to indie festivals. A few years ago, for example, “Commemorate!” exposed history and ethics avoided by the Canadian government’s hype to commemorate the War of 1812-14.

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