The Genetic Code from DNA to RNA to Amino AcidsThe Genetic Code from DNA to RNA to Amino Acids copyright Mike DeHaan

Is the Genetic Code just another Binary Code like ASCII?

My latest Decoded Science article, “Comparing the Genetic Code of DNA to Binary Code“, shows how our genome encodes information, but not quite in the same way as a computer code such as ASCII.

The Genetic Code from DNA to RNA to Amino Acids, copyright Mike DeHaan
The Genetic Code from DNA to RNA to Amino Acids, copyright Mike DeHaan

Topics in my Decoded Science Article on Genetic Code and Binary Code

Along the way, my article answers “what is DNA?” and the way our genome is copied from DNA, to RNA, and then to amino acids. That’s what this article’s image shows: the genetic code.

DNA testing shows the sequence of DNA in selected genes and chromosomes. The genetic sequence may help to reveal inherited medical conditions, identify or rule out crime suspects, or show your ethnic background through “ancestry DNA” that is common to your ancestors.

My article in Decoded Science did not have room to explain all the features of ASCII code; but it is a common example of a binary code used by many computers. Nor does the article explain the detailed chemistry involved in processing DNA. However, I claim it’s a good introduction to how much information is stored in your genome, and well worth reading before you go for DNA testing. It also has some reference links for a lot more detail about DNA.

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