How to Find Tickets for the TO2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto

How did I find tickets for the 2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto? It certainly was simple to find the web site; but what I had to do next may help you.

(Updated Aug. 7, 2015): The 2015 Toronto ParaPan Games only last one week; but you can squeeze in a couple of free annual Toronto events too! Learm more in my “Taste of the Danforth, Horsecapades or 2015 ParaPan Games” article.

(Updated July 11, 2015): I removed the automatic links from this article to the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games site’s pages, to comply with their terms of use (at My thanks to The Register’s article, “Pan Am Games: Link to our website without permission and we’ll sue“. (And a new note July 13): The TO2015 terms of use changed shortly after that story was published, so now they do permit links to their site. However, I won’t re-edit this article; it still explains how to buy tickets to the PanAm Games in Toronto.

This map sketches the 116 Morningside bus route from Kennedy Station (double circles) to the Pan Am Games venue I want (single circle with the red teardrop).

"TO2015 PanAm Aquatics and Field House at U of Toronto, Scarborough Campus" image by Mike DeHaan via Google Maps
“TO2015 PanAm Aquatics and Field House at U of Toronto, Scarborough Campus” image by Mike DeHaan via Google Maps

Step #1: Find the 2015 PanAm Games Schedule

Starting from the TO2015 home page at (, I clicked “Schedule” to see the list of all sports. If you’re following along with me, head to Step #2.

Another option would have been to make my mouse hover over “Sports” in the top menu.  That makes an overlay appear, listing all the sports. Clicking on a particular sport, such as “Fencing”, goes to a page that describes that sport. That page also has links to ticket sales.

Step #2: Choose a PanAm Sport from the Schedule Page

I scrolled down the TO2015 Schedule page (at, past the opening ceremonies, and stayed with the default Pan Am Schedule. One could click the Parapan Am Schedule tab instead, to see those sports.

I clicked on the “Fencing” icon, because that’s the sport I would pay to watch. (You won’t see international elite fencers compete in Toronto, unless the Canadian federation has earned a new tournament at that level and has a club to host it here. Toronto does host several tournaments, but none at the international level).

Step #3: Choose the Event and See the Schedule

The TO2015 Fencing Schedule page (at lists events from Monday through Saturday, July 20-25. There are individual and team competitions, for men and for women, in the three disciplines of sabre, epée, and foil. Each competition starts with competitors in round-robin pools; that leads to ranking for the elimination rounds and, finally, the medal rounds.

I’d like to see the “Individual Foil” finals. From the list, this comes on Wednesday evening, in session FE006 that starts at 18:10 (6:10pm). I click on the “Get Tickets” button in the upper right of the page.

Step #4 Ticketmaster for the 2015 PanAm Games

Now I’m on the Ticketmaster page for TO2015 Fencing, which lists sessions FE001 through FE010. (There’s a tiny icon to scroll forward, because there are actually a dozen sessions for fencing). This page no longer tells me about the specific discipline, although it does indicate “preliminary” or “medal”.

Lucky that I had already noted that I want session FE006.

But first I’d like to know the location of the venue. This is the first page where I’ve noticed this tidbit. Let’s check click on the PAC CIBC… Aquatics Centre and Field House link.

Step #5a The PanAm Fencing Venue in Toronto

This page lists all the competitions held at this venue, including many that I do not want to attend.

However, right near the top, it shows that the nearest intersection is “Military Trail and Morningside Avenue in Toronto”.

Towards the lower right, under “Venue Information”, I clicked the “Map & Directions” link. That pops up a new map which highlights the location.

Since this is up near Highway 401 in Scarborough, I might want to drive. Some text shows a URL for the venues, so I copy and paste it into a new browser window.

Step #5b: The Search for the TO2015 Venue Page

The 2015 PanAm Games Venue Map  page (at shows a lot of sites. I find “PAC” listed in the left-hand menu. I click that, and the map zooms in for this location.

I click on the PAC in the map, which pops up more information. Scrolling down, I see that I can click on another link for that specific venue…but that page is not found.

I try clicking the UTS tennis venue, which is south of the PAC, and clicking on the “more information” link there. This works!

I cut-and-paste some URL information to find the TO2015 PAC venue page (at Parking is available at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus, in lots 4 & 5, for $20. They also have details for accessible parking, which must be pre-booked (according to their TO2015 Transportion page at

The PAC location is, indeed, Morningside Avenue between Ellesmere and Highway 401.

Step #5c Will TTC be the Better Way to the 2015 PanAm Games in Toronto?

I open a new browser window for the TTC home page. I click “bus”, then search for “Morningside”. I click on the 116 Morningside link, and learn that it connects from the Kennedy subway station at the eastern end of the #2 Bloor Danforth subway, to Finch Avenue. It does go past the fencing venue.

I then clicked the “Trip Planner” link at the top of the TTC page. I begin typing “Kennedy” in the “From” text box, and select “Kennedy Station”.

After some trial and error, I typed “800 Morningside” into the “To” text box, clicked

This page claims it may take 35 minutes for the 116 Morningside bus to go from the Kennedy station to the PAC fencing venue. That’s not bad.

Remember that your ticket for a TO2015 Pan Am Games event is also your pass for public transit “for trips to and from the event on the date displayed on the ticket”, according to the TO2015 Transportion page (at

At this point, I notice that the site also offers trip planning advice. That could be really helpful for tourists or residents of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). In fact, it may have saved me some effort.

Now I’m ready to jump from the end of Step #4, where Ticketmaster could sell me a ticket, to step #6 below.

Step #6: TO2015 Tickets

First off, these tickets sell for $40 each. Second, I have to activate Adobe Flash, which I normally keep inactive. Okay, “just for this once”, I will activate this feature.

Now I learn that these are general admission tickets; wheelchair access tickets are also available. I click inside the “general admission” area. In response to the prompt, I select “2” for the correct age group, and continue with the online purchase.

That should be enough to help you find Toronto 2015 PanAm tickets.

Summary: How to Find TO2015 tickets

Here is my summary of how to find tickets for the TO2015 Pan Am Games in Toronto:

  • Select your sport.
  • Review the schedule, and take note of the session number.
  • Start looking for tickets so you can also learn about the venue.
  • Open new browser windows to find the venue and consider your travel options.
  • Finish buying tickets.

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