Make Time for 2014 Daylight Savings Time in Canada

Most of Canada and the USA switch between Daylight Savings Time and Standard Time on the same Sundays of each year. When do we “spring ahead” in 2014?

"Three Clocks Care Not for Daylight Savings Time"
"Three Clocks Care Not for Daylight Savings Time"

Spring Ahead by Setting Your Clock Ahead from 2am to 3am

In 2014, Daylight Savings Time begins on Sunday March 9, at 2am in both Canada and the USA. (Some provinces or states may ignore DST; check the reference link below).

The phrase “spring ahead” helps remind us to move our clocks ahead one hour.

When Will Canada and the USA Return to Standard Time in 2014?

Just wait until Sunday Nov. 2, when we “fall back” by one hour.

What Else Should We Do When “Setting Our Clocks”?

(Added March 7, 2014): Add “change the battery in your smoke detector” as a semi-annual ritual, right beside “set the clock forward or back”. I was just reminded by a spokesman for the Toronto fire department, speaking to a news reporter after a fatal apartment fire.

If you’re planning ahead, I just checked versus a couple of major Canadian hardware retail store chains. At this moment, their price for a 4-pack of Duracell 9 volt batteries is $12.47 in Canadian loonies. One neighbourhood retail store would charge $17.98 for two 4-packs; another retail chain lists a single 9v battery “from $8.79”, so $35 for four. Those prices are before HST (sales tax) or any Amazon shipping fees; retail prices may vary across Canada or over time.

Americans would find the price for a 4-pack of Duracell 9 volt batteries is $10.99 in $USD, at this time. (Just be sure to click the “Unit Count: 4” rather than “8” for your price comparison).

Anyway, change those batteries twice a year when you set the clocks. If you live without Daylight Savings Time, just pick a pair of memorable dates.

Do Other Countries Switch to Daylight Savings Time?

Some other countries also switch between Standard and Daylight Savings Time, although many do not. For example:

  • The United Kingdom’s DST and Standard dates are March 30 and Oct. 26.
  • Australia goes to Standard on April 6 and DST on Oct. 5.
  • New Zealand also switches to Standard on April 6, but hurries back to DST on Sept. 30.
  • Check the reference link below for any other country, and for regional exceptions.

Why do Australia and New Zealand change in the “opposite” direction from Canada, the USA and the UK? Since autumn is the next season in the southern hemisphere, Australia and New Zealand will indeed “fall back” on April 6. They actually follow the same pattern, since the switch between DST and Standard time is based on summer and winter hours of daylight… not the months.

References for Daylight Savings Time

I trust “Daylight Saving Time Around the World 2014” as my reference link.

Last year I’d noted some other facts and tidbits about DST in “Launch Daylight Savings Time 2013 in Canada and in the USA“.

Annual Toronto Events or Public Service Announcements?

The switch between Standard Time and Daylight Saving Time is an one example of an annual public service announcement.

Many of the articles in this blog focus on annual events in Toronto, especially the free or frugal Toronto events that deserve more publicity than they can afford to advertise.

DeHaan Services also writes web site or advertising copy for clients. Our skills are demonstrated in online articles in Decoded Science, and some of its sister sites. That’s why DeHaan Services sometimes highlights these online articles on this site.

Thanks for reading about Daylight Savings Time in 2014.

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