The Canadian Chance of Being Pregnant with Twins

Am I carrying twins“?

Once you know you’re pregnant, but before your first ultrasound, you still have questions. Although multiple births are not common, being pregnant with twins is common enough that it’s a good question.

My latest Decoded Pregnancy article, “The Probability of Becoming Pregnant with Twins“, answers that question using statistics from the United States. The article also notes factors such as racial heritage, maternal age and fertility treatments as influences. Some twins develop from one fertilized egg; others from separate eggs fertilized by different sperm cells.

Quick now: what do statistics say about Canadian twin pregnancies?

The Recent Canadian Rate of Being Pregnant with Twins

"Twin Girls" : image by Ruth L
“Twin Girls” : image by Ruth L

According to UBC professor Linda G Leonard (RN & MSN), in “Twins, Triplets and More“, multiple births accounted for 3.2% of live births in Canada in 2010. “Multiple” means “two or more”, but “or more” are rare indeed.

In BC, 1 of every 32 births were twins. Only 1 of every 3,119 were “or more”: triplets or quadruplets.

That’s almost a ratio of 100 pairs twins to every trio of triplets or golfing buddies of quadruplets or basketball team of quintuplets.

Remember that these statistics cross the borders among race, age and fertility treatments. Your own chance of being pregnant with twins depends on those factors; read my Decoded Pregnancy article for those details.

More Probabilities about Pregnancy

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