Math Estimates How Long to Get Pregnant

My recent Decoded Pregnancy article, “Chances of Getting Pregnant: Math Estimates the Answers“, explains how medical research uses math to estimate the probability of getting pregnant in any one monthly cycle, and the “cumulative probability” to conceive a child after some months.

Disclaimers and Misconceptions about Conception

"Panda Conceived after Fertility Monitoring" : image by dbking (David)
“Panda Conceived after Fertility Monitoring” : image by dbking (David)

The article includes some disclaimers, since every couple will be different in “how fertile” they are.

Also, medical research into human fertility has reported different probabilities to conceive.

It’s impossible to predict how soon any one couple would conceive; but my article demonstrates the math based on several studies. At the least, use those numbers to gain some patience.

The Time to Get Pregnant

My article shows why many doctors would advise couples to try to get pregnant “on their own” for a year or more before recommending medical intervention for conception.

To put it simply, it’s good science to wait as long as it takes for about 95% of all couples to succeed in conceiving their child, before deciding that you need medical help.

Timing is Everything in Becoming Pregnant: Try a Fertility Monitor

The giant panda has a serious fertility problem as a species, because the female is only fertile for a short time each year.

Do you know when is the best time for you to get pregnant? Which are you most fertile days of the month? A fertility monitor lets you know your best time to conceive. In the UK, the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor kit has a perfect 5/5 review from 7 customers. The kit includes 20 fertility monitor testing sticks plus two “ultra early” pregnancy testing strips.

In the United States, the top-rated fertility monitor is also by Clear Blue; but it only earns 4.4/5 stars. You also need to buy additional testing strips.

The most frugal alternative fertility monitor is the “First Response Easy Read Ovulation Test 7 Tests“. It has 7 fertility test strips and one pregancy test strip. With a 3.4/5 rating, some reviewers were completely satisfied and others recommended the Clear Blue digital tests.

Canada also sells the Clear Blue Fertility Monitor when it’s in stock, as well as the testing strips.

A Canadian Approach to Fertility Treatments at a Fertility Clinic

If you do decide you need hep to conceive, you might first check what your medical insurance would cover. If you have a private plan, of course that’s one inquiry.

Canadians should certainly check what their provincial health plan would cover. Once you know the ground rules, you should ask your family doctor for advice. If you search for a fertility clinic in your city, be sure to also check their fee schedule. Your choice might be influenced by what interventions are covered by insurance, versus those you pay out of pocket.

For example, my search for “fertility clinic Toronto” has 101,000 results. Some may be private clinics; other web sites are inside well-known hospitals.

When I searched for “fertility clinic toronto OHIP” today, to learn what they say about the Ontario Health Insurance Plan, only 20,200 results were posted. Many of these were price lists at public hospitals and private clinics. Some advertise “natural” treatments; others are mainstream medical practitioners.

Whether you use a private clinic, public hospital program or simply get advice from your family physician, be sure to understand what tests or treatments would be covered by your provincial health plan, your private medical insurance and from your own resources.

Further Advice Before and During Pregnancy

For further advice on becoming pregnant, the revised “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler boasts a 4.8/5 rating over 238 reviews, making it a remarkably well-received paperback. Weschler also deals with how to avoid becoming pregnant as well as general issues for women’s health.

Whether before or during your pregnancy, math can also help predict your child’s likely height, gender, or eye colour. At least, the math and science might help you avoid making bets at terribly poor odds.

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