Predicting Baby Eye Colour during Pregnancy

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So am I qualified to contribute “What Eye Color Will My Baby Have? Math For Pregnancy Prediction” there?

The Math for a Baby Eye Color Predictor

"Simple Baby Eye Color Predictor" : image by Mike DeHaan
“Simple Baby Eye Color Predictor” : image by Mike DeHaan

Any “baby eye color predictor” should be based on the parent’s genetic makeup.

After some months, baby eye colour is largely based on a pair of alleles (or half of a gene).

If you know the parents’ genetics, you’d be able to find the pattern in this chart.

It’s simple math…that I can actually do very well, thank you…to compute the probability of blue eyes or brown eyes after that.

So, I’m not an expert on pregnancy; but my article is more about the math, with only a bit of genetics with which to calculate.

It’s fun to speculate about your baby: use an online “Chinese baby gender predictor” or a baby height prediction site; but my article discusses the math and science for predicting baby eye colour.

Canadian Notes about Pregnancy

Canadian women looking for non-medical support from a trained professional, whether during pregnancy and delivery or for the post-natal period, should investigate Doula services. Becky Webb’s “Hiring a Doula: Benefits of Dedicated Birth Support” is an excellent introduction to what a doula does. You should do further research into “Toronto doula” or the “Calgary doula association”, or even “What is a Doula”?

On the other hand, this can be a rewarding career for women who want to “mother the new mother”, as Doula CARE (“Canadian Association Registry and Education) says.

From a writing standpoint, I admit to using “color” rather than “colour” in that article, since Decoded Pregnancy is hosted in, and largely aimed at, the USA’s pregnant women.

Keep a Pregnancy Journal

It’s easy for your insights gained during pregnancy to slip away once the bustle of motherhood takes over.

Amazon’s “Sacred Pregnancy: A Loving Guide and Journal for Expectant Moms” is the highest-rated Kindle journal in its class. Compare your journey to author Anni Daulter’s views of a woman’s personal development during this time.

A slightly older book with a great rating is “The Pregnancy Journal, 3rd Edition”  by A. Christine Harris.

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Thank you for reading about predicting baby eye colour during pregnancy.

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