Do Canadian Mennonites have Current Events?

Surprisingly, the answer is “yes”, at least according to one government agency. I wrote “Did the ‘Canadian Mennonite’ Become Political in 2012?” in response to a news item and problem facing this Christian denomination’s news magazine. Unfortunately, the web site with that article is now defunct.

The ‘Canadian Mennonite’ News Magazine Makes the News

"Bible and Canadian Mennonite Magazines" image by Mike DeHaan
“Bible and Canadian Mennonite Magazines” image by Mike DeHaan

This paper magazine still thrives, however! The ‘Canadian Mennonite’ is a news periodical serving one of the largest Canadian Mennonite denominations.

A government agency sent them a warning about some of their content.

More details, and links for background and other news articles, were found in my article.

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My Blog of Writing promotes and informs, since “Preview of a ‘Canadian Mennonite’ Article” includes a Canadian Mennonite’s writing tip.

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Thank you for reading about my article proving that current events do indeed happen to Canadian Mennonites.

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