Pumpkin for Healthy Eating at Halloween

My latest article in my DeHaan Fitness blog, “Halloween Ideas for Healthy Eating with Pumpkin“, makes two suggestions about actually eating some of the pumpkin that you’d carve into a Jack O’Lantern.

Pumpkin as a Healthy Hallowe’en Food

"Triple Jack O'Lantern" image by wwarby
“Triple Jack O’Lantern” image by wwarby

The focus of my article is that pumpkin is a healthy food, particularly due to the fibre that helps control blood sugar, and therefore reduces your likelihood of simply storing more fat. That would be the “trimmer body” aspect of eating pumpkin, especially as a vegetable side dish rather than the sweet filling of a pumpkin pie.

Remember that pumpkin seeds are also a healthy snack, available at most local groceries and some health food stores.

My article also links to a nutritionist’s opinion piece.

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