2012 Quilt Auction at the Black Creek Pioneer Village Relief Sale

The annual MCC Relief Sale at Toronto’s Black Creek Pioneer Village always includes a quilt auction.

Are there other reasons to visit this MCC quilt auction on Sept. 15, 2012?

(Updated Aug. 11, 2014): Please see my 2014 article, “Two Quilt Events at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto” for the updates, including an August quilt show and sale organized by a completely different organization. (Added this note on Sept. 1, 2013): In 2013, this annual autumn event in Toronto will add the title “Toronto Mennonite Festival” to its description. Visit us Sat. Sept. 21, 2013 at 10am.

What is an “MCC Relief Sale”?

Log Cabin with Heart Quilt (89 x 102 inches) for auction at the 2012 Black Creek Pioneer Village Relief Sale
Log Cabin with Heart Quilt (89 x 102 inches) for auction at the 2012 Black Creek Pioneer Village Relief Sale

Mennonite Central Committee, “MCC“, is a service organization whose primary aim is to help people in the developing world who need clean water, education about farming, and emergency relief after natural disasters. The original goal of MCC was to provide emergency “relief”, and one way for Mennonite farmers to raise funds was by selling farm produce. That is the origin of the term “Relief Sale”.

This “Relief Sale” at Black Creek Pioneer Village particularly supports MCC Ontario, which also works with Ontario’s aboriginal people as well as Canadians and immigrants living in poverty.

As a Mennonite organization with roots in the Anabaptist tradition of Christianity, MCC is committed to embodying the message of peace and non-violence.

Why Auction Quilts at the Black Creek Pioneer Village 2012 Relief Sale?

Mennonite women have a long heritage of making quilts by hand. Originally those quilts served practical needs: use scraps of material, and keep people warm through cold winter nights.

Now these quilts are modern heirlooms, decorating bedrooms or upstairs hallways with their beauty and artisanship.

One tradition is to “drop” one final stitch, so the quilt’s maker cannot boast of perfection…which she otherwise might have achieved!

Some quilts are made by a group of women from one church, who gather for a quilting bee as an act of charity…and a chance to visit with friends.

Why Visit the 2012 Relief Sale at Black Creek Pioneer Village in Toronto?

The reasons to visit are:

  1. Enjoy the ready-to-eat food as a picnic in the village square.
  2. Bring home a boxed fruit pie to enjoy later.
  3. Bid on a decorative hand-crafted quilt.
  4. Listen to live music, mainly gospel and country.
  5. Tour Toronto’s Black Creek Pioneer Village, exploring its buildings and gardens and learning about the lives of our early settlers.
  6. Support MCC’s charitable efforts in Toronto, in Ontario and around the world.

When and Where is the Black Creek Pioneer Village 2012 Relief Sale?

The Black Creek Pioneer Village 2012 Relief Sale will be held on Saturday Sept. 15, 2012.

  • Black Creek Pioneer Village opens its doors at 10am.
  • The 2012 MCC Relief Sale includes boxed fruit pies, apple fritters or rosettes for breakfast; Sloppy Joes (meat or vegetarian), sausage and sauerkraut or… Well, Mennonites like to eat and assume everyone else does, from the opening through the early afternoon.
  • The Quilt Auction starts at noon. You will want to preview and eat and register before the bidding begins.
  • Generally the sale winds down by 2pm or so. Some vendors run out of food by this time.

Black Creek Pioneer Village itself is a working village based on the lives of early settlers in Ontario, or “Upper Canada” as it was then known. Admission to the Village allows you to wander about, exploring the homes, shops and workshops.

Black Creek Pioneer Village is in Toronto off Steeles Avenue, adjacent to the York University campus. Turn south one stop-light east of Jane Street. Take the TTC using the Steeles 60 West bus from the University subway line or the Jane 35 bus from the Bloor subway line.

Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress for the weather.

Learn More about the MCC Black Creek Pioneer Village Relief Sale

I’d written about this MCC Relief Sale last year, in “The 2011 MCC Quilt Auction and Relief Sale Event at Black Creek Pioneer Village“, especially discussing MCC and how the money is used.

The official web site for Toronto Mennonite Festival, also known as the MCC Black Creek Pioneer Village has pictures of many of the quilts up for auction; lots more background information; and links to the official Black Creek Pioneer Village web site.

Black Creek Pioneer Village is owned and operated by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. It does charge admission to cover its costs which are separate from the MCC Relief Sale 2012.

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Disclaimer: DeHaan Services is not reimbursed for writing this article. However, in 2012 I am serving on the board of the MCC Black Creek Pioneer Village Relief Sale charitable organization, and would be pleased to sell you a Sloppy Joe in the village square.

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