A Disappointing TorontoHenge for April 2012

While it’s great to take images for my articles, sometimes the weather has to cooperate. Conditions were less than ideal for “Torontohenge Imperfect in 2012“, as published today by Environmental Graffiti.

TorontoHenge has had Mixed Weather

"TorontoHenge April 2012 Before Dawn", image by Mike DeHaan
"TorontoHenge April 2012 Before Dawn", image by Mike DeHaan

I wanted to follow-up “TorontoHenge: When City Grids Align with the Sun“, which had great images of sunset but along a less exciting street.

In April, however, the pre-dawn clouds did  not clear away. Later pictures do show a red glow, but not the spectacular scarlet orb of the Sun along King Street.

Last October, the weather was perfect at sunset as seen along Gerrard Street in “TorontoHenge: When City Grids Align with the Sun“.

Publicity for TorontoHenge

As always, I promote my article in my Xanga blog (“Making Use of a Poor TorontoHenge in April 2012“). In my Blog of Writing, “Preview of the April 2012 TorontoHenge” offers a free pair of writing tips.

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Thank you for reading about my disappointing TorontoHenge.