How to Sign Up for the 2012 Olympic Distance Toronto Triathlon

Last night I found new web pages for triathletes to sign up for the 2012 Olympic Distance Toronto Triathlon for July. We should expect “serious and avid” triathletes, some of whom might use this competition to qualify as Canada’s representatives for the 2013 season (if I understand the situation correctly).

This post also updates the shorter distance Triathlon events to be held in August.

The July 2012 Toronto Triathlon Festival

"North West Triathlon" by (The contributor of this photo is David Hawgood)
"North West Triathlon" by (The contributor of this photo is David Hawgood)

Never one to keep a good thing to myself, let me share the information you triathletes need.

The July 2012 Toronto Triathlon Festival has Four Events

The World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) is the sponsor for the Toronto Triathlon Festival, scheduled for the weekend of July 22, 2012.

The highlight and showcase event for the Toronto Triathlon Festival is the Olympic distance for individual competitors. Since the WTC owns the “Ironman” brand name, they call the Olympic distance event the “Ironman 5150”. The Olympic distance is a 1.5Km swim, 40Km bicycle ride and 10Km run for a total of 51.50Km. The registration page calls this the “Olympic Tri Individual“. (The famous “Ironman Triathlon” distance covers a 3.8Km swim, 180Km bike plus 42.2Km run, so numerically the Ironman would beĀ  “22600” since it covers 226.00Km).

(The above paragraph was updated 2012-07-15, from saying that the “5150” is half the distance of the famous “Ironman Triathlon”).

Another event is the “Olympic Tri Relay“. The total distance is the same, but is shared by a swimmer, bicyclist and runner.

The other distance is the “Sprint“, consisting of a 750m swim, 20Km cycle stage and 5Km run. Thus, it covers half of the “Olympic” distance. Again, there are two choices: “Sprint Tri Individual” and “Sprint Tri Relay“.

Links to the July 2012 Toronto Triathlon Festival

The Toronto Triathlon Festival’s home page is the Toronto Triathlon Festival.

While you could find this through their home page, as I did, this links to the Toronto Triathlon Festival race route map for 2012.

(Updated July 24, 2012). Finally, Events Online had the 2012 Toronto Triathlon Festival registration page. Once registration closed, this link became useless; but keep track of the official home page in the first paragraph of this section.

The Triple Triathlon in August, Hosted by MultiSport Canada

Separately, MultiSport Canada is organizing three competitions for August 25 and 26, 2012. Their short triathlon covers a 750m swim, 30Km cycle and 4.5Km run. Their shortest triathlon has a 400m aquatic stage, 10Km on bicycle, and 2.5Km afoot. Their duathlon runs 4.5Km at the start and end, with a 30Km bicycle stage sandwiched between. (It has no swim).

I had previously provided a link to their Toronto Island Triathlon Weekend page.

Previous 2012 Toronto Triathlon Articles in DeHaan Services

My first blog about these events was “Prepare for the 2012 Toronto Triathlon Event“. It’s one of my most popular articles (thanks!) since being published in the autumn of 2011. I just updated it with the newly found links.

Later I sorted out the two race dates in “To Untangle Two Toronto Triathlons in 2012“; it also has been updated. This one explains the two organizations.

(Disclaimer: DeHaan Services has no relationship to either organizer; neither reimburses me for writing this article).

I expect you will want to bring your triathlon wetsuit and follow your favourite triathlon training program to be fully ready for the Toronto Triathlon event of your choice. Good luck and good racing!

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