Roundup of Bug Articles for Spring 2012

(Updated Oct. 12, 2015): These articles were in now-defunct online science magazines.

Spring 2012 is just around the corner. Nothing says “Springtime!” like leaping ahead for Daylight Savings Time and, of course, a promotional blog about some of my previously-published insect articles.

In case you really want to see a full paragraph explaining why I publicize old but timely articles, please see my writing tip at the end of “Spring Collection of Bug Articles for 2012“.

DeHaan Articles about Home and Garden Insects

You may find wasps in your garden, joining your picnics, or even invading your home.

How Do Social Wasps Make Themselves at Home?

Convincing Social Wasps To Leave The Party” offers some ideas. On the other hand, you might appreciate these insects more if you knew “How Can a Worker Wasp Become a Queen? By Face and Fight“.

Earwigs Have Their Place

Earwig image by Siga
Earwig image by Siga

Clearly “The Earwig: A Best Friend To The Garden Or A Health Hazard?” has a focus on the domesticated outdoors setting.

The Secret Life of the Earwig” is more about the bug, but was originally written with the view that this charming crawling insect is a pest.

Avoiding Some North American Insects that Carry Diseases

I must admit that this is not a comprehensive list, but it shows where I started.

Lyme Disease via Deer Ticks

Defeating Lyme Disease Transmitted by Deer Ticks” and “How Deer Ticks Spread Lyme Disease” cover this topic.

If memory serves, this may have been the first topic that received a query from a reader, looking for more information about treating Lyme disease. That response really brought home the fact that, left untreated for a few months, Lyme disease is a serious medical problem without an easy cure.

Alert! According to today’s “Lyme Disease Surge Predicted for Northeastern US: Due to Acorns and Mice, Not Mild Winter” in PhysOrg, the American northeast is likely to experience more cases of Lyme disease in 2012. The ecological roller coaster involved a past abundance of acorns, and therefore of white-footed mice. Recent acorn shortages left a smaller mouse population, so the “Black-legged ticks” may be more determined to seek human prey.

West Nile Virus via the Mosquito

This topic had been well covered by conventional media a few years ago, but I haven’t noticed as much recently. At this point, it’s not clear whether the media is tired of the same old story; rates of infection have lessened; or public health cannot make the news because of government budget cutbacks.

The West Nile Virus Triangle: Mosquitos, Crows and People” covers the bases, with advice on avoiding getting bitten.

One Beneficial Beetle in the Western USA

The Tamarisk Leaf Beetle Battles Salt Cedars in the American West” trumpets that rarity among insects: a beetle that furthers the goals of  humans, rather than causing pain or annoyance.

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I trust you enjoyed reading, or re-reading, some or all of these “bug articles”. Enjoy the spring of 2012.

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