2017 Victoria Day Fireworks in Toronto at Ashbridges Bay

My wife and I plan to enjoy the 2017 Victoria Day fireworks at Ashbridges Bay in Toronto. But do we have a problem?

Beach Chairs Stranded at Ashbridges Bay in Toronto in 2017

My wife took this photo recently. It shows that the beach area has a pretty big puddle where a sandy beach usually welcomes the fireworks watchers.

However, there’s lots of beach farther to the east, and a fair strip of boardwalk where you can stand and watch the annual fireworks display.

Just watch your step!

You should plan to be in position by 9:45pm. Don’t even think about driving there: too many people got there early in the day, and streets will effectively be closed so people can walk away safely. If you’re not in walking distance, the best bets are biking the Martin Goodman Trail, or taking transit.

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